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#1 MMA School on the South Shore

"Building Kids Into Champions on The South Shore for over 16 Years."

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So much more than the UFC

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How old can you start MMA training?

We typically start training kids at the age of 6. You are never too old to start training. It's beneficial for everyone . You also don't have to get in shape to come. Just come in for a free class!

What is MMA?

Mixed Martial Arts. A sport that combines many different Martial Arts to fight in a cage against an opponent of the same weight class.

How much do you charge?

Unlimited classes! Adults are $99 a month w/ auto billing- $120 without auto billing. Kids are $79 a month w/ auto billing- $100 without auto billing

Ask about our ongoing deals!!!

Why train at South Shore Sportfighting?

Knowledgeable, Affordable and Hands-on. SSSF is by many the longest running MMA/ Jiu-Jtsu school. Often there are many local schools Karate, Kung Fu or TKD schools that advertise MMA classes and frankly this is just not true. MMA is a sport like wrestling and boxing and it should only be taught by those with professional experience in the sport. Research and Learn about your teachers to see if they have experience in the sport they advertise for! 

How are you different from the other local gyms?

We charge far lower fees than any other. Our philosophy is that no one should be too poor to train. Though most of SSSF do not compete. As we are open to all levels. We like to think that our success in competition suggests the quality of the gym. Here u can find many of the teams fight results- 


“What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?”

Vincent van Gogh

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 All Classes are available for everyone


Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Wednesday 6pm- 7pm

This class requires a uniform (gi). But we can loan one to anyone that wants to try the class. It uses the BJJ ranking system. We avoid warmups and stretching as we believe the best warmup is 30 minutes if drilling moves- then we roll (sparring Jiujitsu on the ground) for around 45 minutes every class. 



Tuesday 6pm-7pm Thursday 6pm-7pm

Kickboxing classes start with around a half hour drilling before and  sparring. Headgear is optional but we ask that members have mouthpieces. We keep contact light as we’ve seen that sparring hard, class after class has negative health affects, slows reaction times & hinders progress.


Submission Grappling

Monday and Friday 6pm-7pm

No-Gi Grappling. Grappling is requires no uniform, most wear rashguards, spats or just t-shirt & shorts. It combines mostly wrestling & Brazilian jiu-jitsu moves but always the emphasis is on moves best suited for MMA or self defense.
On Footlock Fridays we especially emphasize lower limb attacks. 


Kids Classes

Tuesday Striking 430pm-530pm. Thursday Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu 430pm-530pm Saturday MMA/Grappling 9am-10am

Kids and Teens classes will focus on the fundamentals of striking and grappling. They will be using exercise as a way to gain strength, build confidence and learn self defense. Classes are for children from 6-14. We split up classes by age before class.
Thursday class requires wearing a gi but we have loaners for those trying it out. We also have gloves and shinpads to loan out for the other classes although ultimately you’ll want to have your own. Sssf sells gear at no markup. But kids are also welcome to wear their own. 



Tuesday and Thursday 7pm-8pm and Saturday 11am-12pm

Takedowns, Trips and Throws. Folk, Freestyle, Greco and cage takedowns. Learn how to pick up and put down people.



Monday, Wednesday and Friday 7pm-8pm Sunday 11am-12pm

This is where you will get to use kickboxing, wrestling and jiu-jitsu all in one round! Learn cage takedowns, guard boxing and all of Bill's secrets on the ground 

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Hear What Others Have to Say


SSSF has been great for our two boys. They have been coming to Bill’s gym for 4 years and have absolutely loved it. The benefits to their fitness and self-confidence have been tremendous. Bill and his team’s approach with our kids has been excellent.


My sons have been training at SSSF for 2.5 years, and enrolling them in the kid's program is the best decision I ever made. Not only have they learned the life skill of self defense, but they have matured significantly and gained a wealth of self confidence at the same time. The instructors are knowledgeable and attentive, and it is easy to see that they genuinely care about the success of each student in class. SSSF has become a second home for us, and my boys are treated like family by all of their coaches and training partners. I cannot recommend the SSSF Kid's Team enough!!

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Get FIT with SSSF

Are you confident in your ability to defend yourself in any situation? Are you looking to get the the best physical shape regarding strength AND conditioning? Are you interested in Mixed Martial Arts or the UFC and learning how to fight?

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Bill Mahoney

Available for privates

Owner, Manager, Coach, Boss, Sensi and Fearless Leader. Into Martial Arts since 1992.
2nd degree Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt. 3rd degree Kempo Karate black belt. 13-5 Retired Professional Fighter.

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Danielle Hindley

Contact for privates

BJJ black belt, Grappling Specialist, Active Professional MMA fighter

Home: About Me

Ryan White

Available for privates

BJJ brown Belt, Fitness Specialist, 7-2 professional fighter

Contact Me
Home: About Me

Zach DiSabatino

Available for privates

BJJ purple belt, 11-2 Professional fighter

Contact Me
Home: About Me

Johnny Campbell

Available for privates

BJJ brown belt, 22-14 Professional fighter Bellator vet

Contact Me
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Our Classes

South Shore Sportfighting- Open 365 days a year


Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu




Submission Grappling


Kids classes

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